Friday, 17 February 2012

Birth of Life

At this point nine months ago myself and five others were franticly putting the finishing touches to the work we were each submitting for our MA Design Major Project. I had almost everything prepared for the Monday hand in by the Thursday before, there was just one more thing I desperately needed to do. Its funny (and somewhat scary) to think that my Life chart, the piece that has received the most positive feedback of all my work very nearly didn't happen at all. I had it planned out weeks before in my sketchbook, however I only began the process of building it in Illustrator with four days to go. Thankfully I encountered few problems in its construction and it closely resembles how I imagined it would from the drawings. However it took especially long, all Saturday afternoon and evening in fact to get to a stage where I was happy with the colours. As I experimented with various pallets (while watching Breakfast at Tiffany's in the background) I suddenly noticed the resemblance to an eye when a dark circle was placed in the centre.

At the time of writing this the chart has been viewed 1,105 times on Flickr, and undoubtedly many more times across other websites including my own. I have received two emails this month alone from people contacting me for the first time asking about it. It was the first piece of work that I sold at the MA design show, and you know you are doing something right when Nicholas Felton includes it in his personal blog.

This piece didn't feature in my MA Design log books as it ran too close to the deadline, however much of the other work I produced is documented and available to view in detail on my website. (click here)


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