Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Teacher for the day

I was recently asked if I could return to the University of Lincoln for a day to speak to the second year Graphic Design group who are currently in the middle of there own data visualisation projects. They have already covered many of the principles of graph design and are now at a stage where many are keen to increase the aesthetic appeal of their work. There were 80 or so students split across morning and afternoon sessions. After a group review of their practical work from the previous week I talked about some of the work I produced on the MA program, competitions entered since then and some of the stuff I am currently producing for Blue & Green. I also talked them through my development process and shared some of my thoughts on balancing form and function. By far my favorite part of the day was when after finishing both of the sessions small groups of really keen individuals came to ask questions, discuss problems they were having and take a look at the MA log books which I had brought in. Reading the blog of Katie Ulett later that night really made my day.

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The groups task is now to use provided dataset on energy consumption to produce an A1 data visualisation poster. I must admit I am very keen to give it a go myself, I haven't seen the spreadsheets yet but hopefully I can make it relevant to my work for Blue & Green. I saw some promising work today, hopefully I will get an opportunity to see some of the final outcomes.

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